The hundred and fifth session of the executive Council of the UNWTO, meeting in
trivago, the comparator of the leading online hotel market, has chosen the solution Dropbox
Total and Mauritania have signed a contract for Exploration and Production on exploration of
The EDF Group has received 11 may 2017 with a promise to buy unilateral
ENGIE crossed today as a major step in its transformation plan : the Group
ENGIE is the first provider in the Uk that is committed to offering its
The channel TF1 has signed with the advertising agency Transfer agreement of marketing its
Following his election to the presidency of the Afep (French Association of private enterprises)
The Boards of directors of Bolloré and Société Industrielle et Financière de l’artois, as
Neuilly‐sur‐Seine, may 11, 2017 – Nordine HACHEMI, Chairman and ceo, Kaufman & Broad and