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How “Wired” has beaten Mark Zuckerberg

We used to see with a coil of eternal student, smiling, radiant. This time, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook, was surprised by a paparazzi after a fight. He is bruised, he has aged and seems to wonder what happens to him. The image appears to be real, and yet one wonders. […]

India is increasingly taking a turn protectionist

The indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, advocates for the elimination of customs barriers everywhere in the world except in India. A few weeks after having defended the virtues of free trade at the world economic Forum of Davos, in January, where he had compared the protectionism the threat of “terrorism” or ” climate change “, […]

French farmers continue to convert to organic

The French farmers are as numerous as ever pushing and shoving at the gate to convert to organic. In 2017, the battalion, the bio has seen its ranks swell even further by 13.6 %, to 36 664 operators. Now, 8.3% of the farms of the Hexagon have cast away synthetic fertilizers and plant protection products […]

Currency – The dollar continued to rise on optimism

The dollar continues to climb on optimism – The u.s. dollar continued to climb against the other major currencies on Friday, after the minutes of the last policy meeting of the federal Reserve and upbeat data on Thursday have boosted optimism over the strength of the u.s. economy. The greenback was boosted after the […]

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