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SFR is to reap the first fruits of its reorganization

SFR is done with the bad news. This is the message that was trying to get across Altice, the parent company of the operator, which published Thursday, 15 march, its annual results. In the fourth quarter, a period traditionally conducive to the telecoms operators, SFR has gained in France 80 000 mobile customers and has […]

Reform of the SNCF : an operation long-term to provide

The bill authorizing the government to legislate by ordinances, will be presented on march 14 by the council of ministers, provides for the transformation of the SNCF into a limited company, the disappearance of the status of a railroader for future hires and the opening to competition of rail French. Comparison is not reason… Only […]

Currency – The dollar is advancing after the import price

© Reuters. The dollar is advancing after the import price – The dollar rose on Thursday against a basket of currencies, boosted by data showing that import prices in the United States rose more than expected in February, fuelling expectations of a return of inflation this year. The dollar index, which measures the greenback’s […]

The French Tech in quest of a new impulse

At the time of the ” start-up nation “, the small announcement published on the website of the stock Exchange, inter-ministerial, public employment can be surprising : “vacancy : director of Mission French Tech” ; ” Status : vacant “. The post-holder left office in December 2017 and has not yet been replaced. However, this […]

A Midland, Texas, the new gold rush in the black

Welcome to Midland (Texas), a corner of the desert is unpleasant, swept continuously by a dust, which insinuates itself everywhere. Major roads are poorly maintained, take the place of avenues, along which everything seems to be built on the fly and when the wind attacks it with ardour, to large identical buildings, and without elegance. […]