On Saturday, nationwide rain on warn

On Saturday the durable heat addition to the violent thunderstorms and the downpour because of the risk of almost the whole country a warning issued the national weather service. The national Weather Service on Friday, sent to MTI indications of danger according to the heat five county – Peaceful, Csongrád, Hajdú-Bihar, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg – […]

Soon New York to Washington in 29 minutes of train ?

The entrepreneur Elon Musk announced on Thursday that the proposed high-speed train that would connect New York to Washington in 29 minutes only received the verbal agreement of the government, saying it was “optimistic” about a formal agreement, which could occur “quickly”. The business man, the founder of the car company Tesla and the aeronautical […]

5 forex strategies that have proven

On the foreign exchange market, to be successful, it is important to have a good trading strategy. There are, indeed, thousands, but all do not give the same results. If you have the opportunity to create your own, depending on your profile and your experience, we will offer five, commonly used by forex traders and […]

The Value Investor v.29 LEO roars

To be gammmal player, in my case at soccer and tennis matches, is a pretty good start, when the Swedish ”gamblingbolagen” has entered a renaissance. When I was twelve to 15 years ago played on the football and tennis (especially live) was the big news that put the games on the computer. This was the […]

The heat is suspended for the weekend’s truck stop on

The prolonged heat wave, health protection and safety reasons, Saturday and Sunday, without limitation, traffic may be heavy cars on the Hungarian roads – informing the ministry of National development (NLM) on Friday. The NLM reminded me of: the truck stop as a rule on Saturday and 15 hours Sunday 22 hours apply in July […]

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