Become a public servant no longer dream of the 16-20 years

The ultimate sign of recovery, or at the very least, a newfound confidence ? Our young people aspire less to become a civil servant. This is what emerges from the study carried out by the institute Vivavoice for the employers ‘ organisation Growthco and BNP Paribas, and presented with great fanfare a few days ago at Bercy, in the presence of 400 young people aged 16 to 20 years, and the minister Bruno Le Maire. During this survey on young people and enterprise, 16 % of the youth of this generation declare and consider their future in the public service. There are only six years, this proportion was 30 %… Better : this generation is said to love the business : 67 % of them have a positive vision, and only 12 % a negative opinion. This universe, according to them, would be both dynamic (28 %), interesting (26 %) and “challenging” (22 %).

Burst of optimism. But not the revolution. Because to look more closely, this generation is more fond of the company does not see a haven of peace and security. In their view, the asset – and the wait – major of the company, it is first of all to earn the money for 45 % of them, well before personal fulfillment (35 %) and the acquisition of new knowledge (28 %). And rather than create their own box, another surprise, this generation is often reduced to an armada of start-uppers in the grass, hungry for freedom, and dream rather of being an employee (41 % versus 35 % who want to create their own business). Employee there still is synonym of security (56 %) and many small benefits, such as… restaurant tickets !

Overall, the stability of the employment seduced much more than the risk taken : starting a business is considered to 72% as “difficult” in France, for these 16-20 years old, who cite the lack of personal financial resources, the costs of creation and red tape as the first obstacles to an adventure as an entrepreneur. A lack of recklessness – and fear for the future – these millennials, also found in their attitude to saving. Thus, another survey of B2B Intelligence, this time from 25 to 33 years, and published this week with Air Liquide in the framework of the Actionaria trade show, reveals that they will play first safe values, and flexible, side investments. According to this study, only 6% of millennials are willing to take risks in seeking high returns.

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