Religious fact in the company : mode of employment of the Court of cassation

A company has the right to prohibit the wearing of religious symbols in an employee in contact with customers – provided that this is provided for in its rules of procedure. This is the meaning of the judgment delivered on Wednesday November 22, by the social chamber of the Court of cassation. Unsurprisingly, the high court aligns on another decision, recently, the Court of justice of the european Union (CJEU), which had brought on this sensitive topic, details eagerly awaited, especially by the bosses wanting to know what conduct must be taken in such situations.

The case concerns Asma Bougnaoui, who worked as a design engineer at Micropole Univers, a company of consultancy, engineering and training. In 2009, a year after his hiring, the employee had been dismissed, because the insurer Groupama, a client of his employer in which it occurred, had complained that the presence of a person veiled causes of the discomfort in a number of his collaborators.”

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