“The adoption of a cryptomonnaie would allow the revival of a system of gold standard “

Forum. Such as FinTech, and, generally speaking, robots and artificial intelligence, the cryptomonnaie arouses an enthusiasm without precedent that justifies that there are questions about the foundations of this success.

Exactly as in the 1960s at the time of the birth of the great era of the computer, the cryptomonnaie part of a good principle of justice and progress. Because the 1960s were the prelude to a great story : the story of the geeks. From economics to medicine, it was thought to solve everything through technology. This progress was symbolised by “the bay of San Francisco,” a place of mythical creation. It is here that was born the entrepreneurial culture and the first start-up computer.

The hippies were tech-savvy and dream of progress through technology, solutions to the excesses of consumerism and growing inequalities. “Beat generation” activists, ” whole earth “, all believed in the mastery of man over machine, but in a social purpose in opposition to the central power considered to be bureaucratic and unfair.

A result of economic exclusion

Yet, after many years of progress to the glory of the ” thirty glorious years “, the computer has become since the 1980s and the development of expert systems and artificial intelligence technology ” exclusive “, is thought to be partly responsible for the growth of inequalities of wealth that we observe since the 1980s.

It is also in this sense that we must reflect on the motives of the emergence of the cryptomonnaie, this currency standard that makes one think of a convertible currency like the gold standard of the 1960’s, except that it is electronic and more inclusive.

Let’s take the example of bitcoin, the most well-known cryptomonnaies. It is necessary to know that the bitcoin has found its origins in what the Americans call the ” cash…

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