The global vízválság now threatening to become a reality

The global vízválság now threatening to become a reality – was Patronized John, president of the republic in New York on Thursday, the water and natural disaster reduction addressed the UN high-level meeting. The head of state – who is the situation social, economic, health and social consequences reviewed of speech – to call attention […]

Experts say especially the OTP pulled down the BUX for

The Budapest stock exchange share index, the BUX 364,94 accurate, 1,02 percent reduction, 35 424,34 point closed on Thursday. The stock market turnover of 10.3 billion forints, the leader shares the Mol, with the exception of weakened the previous day’s close. Andorkó László, Raiffeisen Bank fx dealer in the M1 current channel said: the end […]

Brexit : Citigroup will relocate (in part) to Frankfurt

It’s official. Citigroup, the fourth american bank in terms of assets, has chosen (it also) Frankfurt as a city of decline after the Brexit. The subsidiary manager Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) region, Jim Cowles, has informed all employees of the area Thursday in an email that The Tribune has been able to consult, in […]

Record of e-toll revenue for the first half of the year

This year also continued to do distance-based electronic toll system revenue strong increase: the earned toll to 30 June sales gross 108,3 billion huf amount of because nearly 12 percent higher than last year – announced the National toll payment Services Ltd. on Thursday told MTI. This June 30, the e-toll revenue for this year’s […]

How Suez change of business model through innovation

Other services, such as water treatment, have already been confronted to this challenge : the need to move from a business based on an increase of volumes in a growth model oriented towards the quality of the service. Up until very recently, preserved, waste management, too, must now be rubbing. Between 2004 and 2014 in […]

The leader shares only the OTP can be strengthened

The Budapest stock exchange share index, the BUX 114,94 accurate, 0,32 percentage reduction 35 789,28 point closed on Wednesday. The stock market turnover of 6,6 billion huf was a leader in the shares of OTP could increase the previous day’s close. The BUX slight decrease open on Wednesday, and then in the morning at the […]

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