Technical analysis of the Forex market as of December 15, 2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market on 12/15/2023


On the EURUSD pair, targets were made in FVG 1.0912 and passed it without noticing. It is reasonable and logical to wait for the highs to update and the level of 1.1047 to be taken. You can look for Buy Price Action signals within the day if we give a pullback to FVG, somewhere around 1.0935.


On Gold, the highs of the last few days at 2041.16 were removed. I already have a desire to look for sales, but there is no confirmation yet. I’ll monitor the situation, I don’t think we’ll go much higher. The targets below are attractive, in the area of ​​FVG 1955.23 and below the minimum of 1931.52.

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