“MQL5 programming for MetaTrader 5” from zero to Pro

Presenting Your attention the free step-by-step video course “MQL5 programming for MetaTrader 5”, which in simple language explains how to automate trading strategies in the Forex market and quickly master the programming for the MetaTrader 5 terminal, without having to study tons of literature.

It is no secret that many traders trying to find or create an EA that could bring passive income on the financial markets without trader’s participation, and thus avoid routine manual work. This can be done without studying hundreds of articles, memorizing many complicated terms and buying expensive courses. Through this course you will learn how to create trading robots, indicators and scripts under MT5.

Trading robots from third-party developers have a number of disadvantages:

  • High cost. You can order an expert Advisor or script from a professional programmer, but it soon becomes clear that it will have to work, and it will be a long one. Of course, there are free robots, but they with high probability will lead to a drain of the Deposit;
  • Robots need to configure. There are no universal trading strategy.

When creating robots involves a variety of factors that can change over time and experience. Therefore, it is important to learn how to configure the advisors, given their own preferences. You don’t have someone to pay. Moreover, You will have your own strategy, which is used by only You, not competing with other market participants.

The course is also suitable for those who has programmed in MQL4, but have not yet decided to switch to MQL5 and does not know about all its advantages. You can using this course to improve skills and to write more effective advisors, both for themselves and for the order.

I can do it?

Yes! Video course “MQL5 programming for MetaTrader 5” simple language explains how to write scripts and indicators to create your own strategies. Step-by-step instructions, You will learn how to create Forex trading robots that will bring You passive income even when You sleep. The course is intended for experienced traders and beginners.

The course consists of step-by-step tutorials at the end of which you will get independent tasks to consolidate the theoretical material. By the end of the course You will get new skills that will allow you to develop expert advisors and customize indicators to suit your needs.

No longer do You have to pay for the finished robots that do not give the desired result. Create your own expert Advisor that will work exactly as You need without paying a penny for it.

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Whom will approach this course:

Traders are beginnerswho wish to empower their trade and learn new skills;

Experienced traderswho want to automate the process of trading and applying their own methods of trading in the Forex market;

Programmers arealready writing in MQL4 language who want to extend the range of their skills and improve their qualifications.

MQL programming language is easy to learn and therefore available even for beginners.

About the author

The author of the course — a professional systems developer for business management Sergey, who is known under the name xbms on our forum.

Sergey received his higher education at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute and has been programming for 30 years. During this time mastered several programming languages, which includes Assembler, Delphi, C++, 1C, SQL and MQL.

10 years ago I started to learn the language MQL and wrote over a hundred expert advisors, using different strategies.

The course contains:

  • The basics of MQL5 programming language;
  • The key principles of programming required by each trader;
  • Describe how to modify already created EAS and indicators created by other programmers.

After the course, You will master skills:

  • Create EA for MT5;
  • Writing indicators/scripts.
  • Working with orders;
  • Automatic trailing stop, martingale, etc.

The advantages of the video:

In a simple language. Thanks to the simple form of the material, not loaded with complex and confusing terms, the course will be able to master even for newbies.

Step by step. The course contains step-by-step recommendations to create expert advisors in MQL5 from scratch to the result and practical tasks for each tutorial.

Free. The video tutorials are available to everyone, and You don’t have to pay for it.

After the course You will:

  • Write your first expert Advisor, which will allow to earn on autopilot;
  • Create your own hands EA on martingale;
  • Learn how to create a dashboard, work with orders and trailing stops;
  • Learn to write indicators, scripts and expert advisors for MT5 platform for different currency pairs;
  • In practice, you will master knowledge of the language. Each lesson contains practical exercises to consolidate the material;
  • Get new skills that will allow you to earn additional money, creating trading robots and scripts for other traders.

After studying the video course “MQL5 programming for MetaTrader 5”, You can fully automate the trading process and set up the trading Advisor according to its own parameters. Get step by step instructions right now. Fill in the form and click “Send me the course”.

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