You should pay attention to PR Forex trading 21.09.2017

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 21.09.2017


EURUSD bounced again from level 1,20500 and formed the pattern of Absorption. Now moving sideways between 1,1900 and 1,20500. But suddenly this is the reversal which Irina waiting for all summer. While sales is not considered, wait until will come from the outset.


On GBPUSD formed a Pin bar, but the level 1,34500 is under pattern. While the price up was not allowed, but sales don’t hurry, the level can to work and not to let down. Looking forward to the development of the situation.


On the AUDUSD pair also formed a pattern Pin bar after Bouncing off the level 0,8100. It seems that the price up is not allowed and will probably go down to the level 0,7800. Consider there sales.

Open orders big banks

Changes in 20.09.2017

  • Nomura otstupite on NZD/CAD on sale from 0,8835 on to 0.9000.
  • Credit Agricole SL changed from 1.1200 level on 1,1345 in buying EUR/CHF
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