Morning coffee on Wall Street 12/11/2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market on 12/11/2023


Nothing changed on the EURUSD pair on Friday moose I just didn’t have enough strength to complete the Pin Bar pattern. We closed above the level of 1.0755, so I’m still looking at buying here, with the expectation of a run of at least FVG 1.0912. The targets are higher around the level of 1.1047 and FVG there.

An interesting picture on the USDJPY pair. The price moved downwards towards the order block on the weekly chart, and even closed above the blocked FVG. We didn’t draw any Price Action patterns here, but I think you can look for buy signals within the day. The global goal is to take the highs of 151.94, but along the way it is worth paying attention to how we will react to the level of 146.88 and two FVGs, 148.82 and 149.98.

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