Trading recommendations for 26.01.2018

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 26.01.2018


On the EURUSD pair formed a pattern Pin bar after Bouncing off the level of 1,25000. Should probably wait for a small correction back to 1,23000. then I want to see the continuation of the growth trend. Sale here is against the trend.


On USDCHF also formed a Pin bar Bouncing off from the level of 0.9300. Correction expect to 0,9500-0,9600. And for transactions waiting for the continuation of the down trend and signals in sales.


On a pair USDCAD formed a pattern Pin-bar on the round level 1,2300. Supports strong pattern there. Think will resume fall further with the trend. Signals in sale no, transactions are not considered.


On the USDJPY reversed at resistance and formed a pattern Pin-bar. Will probably start a correction in the district 110,500-111,00. Buy here against mernda.

Open orders big banks

Changes in 25.01.2018

  • Citi opened a Sell on AUD/JPY with 88,20, TR – 85,50, SL 89.15
  • UOB posted a Sell limit on USD/JPY with 109,30, TR – 107,30, SL – 110.30
  • Thomson Reuters IFR otstupite on sale for GBP/USD with 1,4220 at 1,4320. Loss-100пп
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed the Sell Limit on USD/JPY/ Login with 109,65 on 109,45, SL 110,65 on 110,45
  • TD Bank was closed by market sale on USD/JPY with 111,85 at 108,90.
    Profit +295пп
  • TD Bank opened a Sell on AUD/JPY 88.00, TR – 85,00, SL 89.50
  • Thomson Reuters IFR has changed the Buy limit on EUR/USD. Sign in with 1,2335 on 1,2390, SL 1,2235 at 1,2290
  • Deutsche Bank otstupite for sale on CHF/JPY with 113,86 for 116,20.
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed SL with 0,8030 at 0,8065 buying on AUD/USD
  • Thomson Reuters IFR work TR in a buy on AUD/USD with 0,7985 at 0,8065. Profit +80пп
  • UOB triggered a Sell Limit on USD/JPY with 109,30
  • Thomson Reuters IFR triggered a Buy limit on EUR/USD with 1,2390
  • Thomson Reuters IFR triggered a Sell Limit on USD/JPY from 109.45
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed a Sell on USD/JPY. Set TR on 108,05,
    SL 110,45 on 110,26
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed a Buy on EUR/USD. Set TR on 1,2595, changed SL with 1,2290 on 1,2285
  • Thomson Reuters IFR placed Sell Limit on EUR/GBP with of 0.8870,
    SL 0.8970
  • Morgan Stanley closed the market to Sell GBP/JPY with 150,57 for 154,77.
  • Morgan Stanley opened a Sell on NZD/JPY with of 79.95, TR – of 78.00, Sl 81.60
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