Trading recommendations for 10/16/2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market on 10/16/2023


On the USDCHF pair after the pattern Absorption from FVG 0.9015, decided fully roll back and draw the Inner bar. In general, nothing changes, and there is an opportunity to look for good purchases. We should probably expect continued growth. I am considering buying here with targets at 0.9243 and then at FVG 0.9331.


On Gold showed interesting growth on Friday and it is not yet very clear what to expect next. I would like the highs of 1947.30 and 195290 to be collected. If at the beginning of the week we make a pullback downwards, I will look at buying with these goals. An alternative scenario: if we immediately go up and remove the nearest highs, then I will try to sell, with the expectation of a correction at the open gap or a fall below.

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