Trading plan for 06/08/2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 06/8/2023


/p> down and rebounding formed something like a pin bar. Once again, they bounced off the trend line and remained within the sideways. I still do not trade this pair, but if you wish, you can try to look for purchases with the expectation of continuing sideways movement. The first targets can be set at 1.3500. But judging by the statistics of transactions, the mood of many is now just in purchases, and they have already strayed from the trend one indecently many times. It is worth paying attention to and assessing the risks.


On a pair of AUDUSD same pattern Pin- bar. Here we directly made a correction for everyone and went to distant targets in the FVG 0.6700 area. Perhaps we will spin in this area, but I think we can look at the sales here, with the expectation that the trend will continue down and update the lows of 0.6458.


Silver did not seem to have a far upward correction, updated the nearest highs and formed a Pin bar pattern . So far, we have remained within the sideways trend, but in general, I think we will continue to fall. Let's look at the reaction to the lower border of 23.27, and in the same place, with a good breakdown, you can look for sales with the nearest targets in the 22.55 area.

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