Trading forecasts and ideas on 4.02.2020

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 4.02.2020


On EURUSD, the price returned to the level of 1.1070 thereby forming the pattern inside bar. According to the statistics of trades, market participants are undecided with the direction. I do see the end of a correction with the false breakout of the level, and the continuation of falling prices. Look here to sales.


On USDCHF the same pattern of Internal bar, but the level 0,9615 a little bit not reached and has not updated the lows. But there is a good preponderance of buyers in the statistics transactions. And with this power, we are likely to continue to fall. Consider there sales goals and 0.9550 with below.


On GBPUSD the output of the triangle was false and the price went back. Today again stopped at the lower boundary and in the area of 1,3000 level. Not yet ready to make decisions about transactions, but in General, I think that will break-down and the beginning of the down trend. Waiting for confirmation signals.


On AUDUSD price formed a pattern Doji staying at a fairly strong level of support 0,67000. According to the statistics of deals, expect just a small correction, and then another attempt to break the level and continue falling. Current sales are all closed. New deals have not yet considered. Buy against the trend and sales will wait for a breakout of the level below.

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