Thoughts on the market for 13.02.2018

Hello. On the market a little quiet, but let’s look at what to look for tomorrow 13.02.2018


On GBPJPY pair formed a pattern Doji at the weak level 1149,70. Might go to a correction back to the trend line before continuing the fall and to develop a down trend. Purchase do not see here.

Open orders big banks

Changes in 12.02.2018

  • Barclays opened a Sell on NZD/JPY with of 78.78, TR – 76,20, SL – 80.08
  • Citi placed a Buy Limit on EUR/AUD with 1,5667, TR – 1,5925,
    SL – 1.5500
  • Thomson Reuters IFR has placed a Buy Limit on EUR/GBP with 0,8835,
    SL 0.8735
  • Citi worked Buy Limit on EUR/AUD with 1,5667
  • Morgan Stanley has opened a Buy EUR/CHF with 1,1507, TR – 1,1800,
    SL – 1.1450
  • Credit Agricole opened a Buy on EUR/CHF with 1,1512, TR – 1,1800,
    SL – 1.1280
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed a Sell on AUD/USD. Set TR on from 0.7640,
    SL 0,7920 on 0,7910
  • UOB triggered a Sell Limit on AUD/USD with 0,7860
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