Thoughts on the Forex market on 11/21/2023

Hello. In general, we are not drawing anything interesting yet, everything is creeping in the right direction towards the goals. Tomorrow evening is the publication of the MHIF protocols, perhaps something will change. Below we will look at what you can pay attention to when trading tomorrow 11/21/2023


The EURUSD pair made the first targets at the highs 1 .0945. So far we have not shown any reaction, but perhaps we will make a small pullback and tomorrow we will draw, for example, an Inside bar. Some purchases should be closed here, the rest should be left for subsequent purposes in FVG 1.1047. In the transaction statistics there is a good advantage of sellers, which should contribute to price growth.


A Pin bar was formed on Gold in the opposite direction from yesterday. But I don’t want to rush into shopping here. I don’t see any reasonable support from below, upon reaching which they could go up. They didn’t even get the body of the bearish candle at 1962.63, which could be regarded as an order block. Therefore, I will refrain from new transactions here for now; if we give another pullback down to the FVG 1955.23 area, then I will look for Price Action signals to buy.

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