Thoughts on the Forex market on 09/07/2023

Hello. On Wednesday, of course, there were more hopes, but something completely trampled on the spot on many pairs. Below we will see what you should pay attention to when trading tomorrow 09/07/2023


On the pair of USDCAD, a small Pin-bar pattern was formed. A full-fledged attack on liquidity above the level of 1.3660 did not work, they went higher for a while and formed tails. In the statistics of transactions, there is still a large preponderance of sellers, so you should probably not expect a strong downward movement. Perhaps we are going to correct downwards, to the area of ​​1.3604 or to FVG a little lower, after which we can try to fix above the level of 1.3660 again. I don't see deals here. If you wish, you can look at intraday sales, with small goals.

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