Thoughts on the Forex market on 07/24/2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 07/24/2023


Doji pattern formed on the EURUSD pair. The price went down to FVG, but I think we will see another movement down to its middle or lower border. In any case, in the coming days I will look after purchases here, with the expectation that we will finish the correction and try to continue growing. A good target is upside around 1.1500.


On the GBPUSD pair, they continued to move around the 50% zone and FVG, and also drew a Doji pattern on Friday. I will also be looking for intraday purchases here. It seems that we will finish the correction here and resume growth towards the next targets in the 1.33600 area.


We are rapidly moving up on the USDJPY pair, but I have not yet been convinced that this is a continuation of the trend, so I do not consider buying here. Let's see how we react to the level of 142.06 and FVG above. It seems to me that there will be another attempt to pass down, below the 50% level. For now, I'm just monitoring the situation.

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