Technical and candlestick analysis as of 2.06.2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 2.06.2023


/p> something similar to the Rails pattern. The price made a correction to the 50% zone and turned back. I think we will continue to fall, for a start I will set targets not far in the 0.8980 region, there is the middle of the previous growth and a couple of Order Blocks. There we will see if we continue the downward trend globally.


Absorption pattern formed on the NZDUSD pair. If you look at the weekly chart, we finally went down in FVG below 50%, while removing liquidity from the lower border of the flat, and leaving even highs on top. But these are global thoughts aloud. For now, I'm waiting for growth to the area of ​​0.6181, or to the upper border of FVG. There we will look at the reaction, if any.

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