Technical analysis trending tools on 18.03.2020

Hello. Below are a few recommendations on trade on Forex wound on 18.03.2020


On the pair EURAUD formed a pattern Doji. Support of a pattern I have not found. Perhaps eccorrections in district 1,78149. But in General, expect continued growth to 1,86749. And there it will be possible to watch the sale, with the expectation of a long correction.


On a pair GBPJPY price formed a pattern Doji at the district level 130,48. I think that you should wait to continue falling in the area 126,870. Considering there are sales for purposes 126,870 and below.


On the pair AUDJPY stopped at 64,338 and formed a pattern Doji. For the third time do not let the price lower. It seems that expect correction up to the area of the Gap, about 69,62. Look here to purchase.

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