Technical analysis of the Forex market as of September 21, 2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market as of September 21, 2023


A real adult Pin bar has been formed on the EURUSD pair , by compared to yesterday. I won’t say anything new here; whoever didn’t manage to sell today is to blame. Before the MHIF meeting, they gave me a good opportunity :) I’m waiting for a breakout of the level of 1.0634, and I hope for a movement lower to 1.0515. Tomorrow is the decision on the interest rates of Switzerland and the UK, we need to be more careful there, if we break down on them, then I think the road to the lower goals will be open.


There is also a Pin Bar pattern on Gold. The price went above FVG, but returned and closed within its boundaries. I think we should expect the price to continue to fall here. The first thing you should pay attention to is the movement in FVG in the area of ​​1917.00, if we pass it, then the next targets are at the lows of 1900.89 and below 1884.71.

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