Technical analysis as of 07/28/2023

Hello. Unexpected and unpleasant, but this is the market ๐Ÿ™‚ Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 07/28/2023


On the EURUSD pair, an Absorption pattern was formed today. The price reached FVG, which I immediately did not like, and suddenly fell sharply on the news. Globally, I will not draw any conclusions yet. Let's see how the situation develops further. At the moment, they hit the level of 1.0976. Most likely going below 50% at FVG 1.0900 or 1.08333 lows. You can look for intraday sales with small targets.


The same situation on the GBPUSD pair and the Absorption pattern from FVG. I'm not making global conclusions yet, we'll see what happens. Inside the day, you can watch sales, with targets for the order block 1.2665 and then for the lows of 1.2590.


On the USDCHF pair, they did not run far at all. We touched the last lows and formed the Absorption pattern, remaining within the sideways. Targets for moving up remain the same, the middle and top of FVG and the level of 0.88200. We will continue to look at the situation and make new decisions.


Gold also has an Absorption pattern, but it has not reached the highs, which also leads to reflection. And if you look closely, you can even see that it is as if we are drawing the right shoulder in the Head and Shoulders figure. Therefore, I will not draw global conclusions either. In the coming days, we will most likely fall to the level of 1935.00 and 50%. We'll see how we react to them.


And finally, the Absorption pattern on Silver. Below we have FVG and its center can be taken for intraday sales purposes. Below there is another level of 23.28 and a level of 50%. These are still interesting levels, to which if we go down it will be interesting to see the reaction, if any.

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