Overview of trading ideas in major currency pairs on 31.05.2018

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 31.05.2018


EURUSD didn’t go as expected further down and turned around and formed a pattern of Absorption at the level of 1.15500. Buy there is nothing to consider, because they are against the trend. Look out for developments and then we’ll make decisions about the transaction.


On GBPUSD formed a pattern of Internal bar at the level 1,33000. Probably the upward movement is just corrective and soon we will see the continuing decline in the trend. Consider there sales.


On AUDUSD expectations about the continuation of the down trend did not materialize and rebounding from the level of 0,75000 formed a pattern of Absorption. Price continues to move sideways, and to talk about a possible trend reversal yet. Purchase do not see here.


On a pair NZDUSD also formed the pattern of Absorption at the level of 0,69000. Will probably start a correction. To speak about trend reversal yet. And in the statistics of trades until the margin buyers, and this gives a possibility to continue falling.


On GBPJPY pair formed a pattern of Internal bar at the level of 145.00. It’s probably a small correction to a previously punched level. I think in the near future will continue to fall.

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