Overview of trading ideas in major currency pairs on 08/28/2023

Hello. While I won’t say anything very new, we are moving after the price and watching what will be drawn. And below, let's see what you can pay attention to when trading tomorrow 08/28/2023


Patter formed on USDCHF pair n Doji. The price went down to the level of 50%, in the same place they completely blocked FVG from the weekly chart, well, they removed all liquidity from the top of the flat trend in which they had been for a couple of weeks. It is logical to wait for a downward correction before further growth. Targets for correction can be set at the levels of 0.8757 and 0.8731. Globally, I'm not thinking anything yet, just looking 🙂


turn Doji. Metals, unlike all the others, as expected, went up and gold made the target of 1924.00. Friday made a good pullback with FVG overlap and closed above it. Which makes me think about continued growth. The nearest target from above is the highs of 1946.54, the highs of 1985.40 are already higher and FVG is slightly higher. But the fact that we will run to the top is still in doubt.

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