Overview of trading ideas in major currency pairs on 08/11/2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 08/11/2023


On the EURUSD pair, we still followed the alternative scenario that I wrote about yesterday. They went above the level of 1.1047 and formed a Pin-bar pattern. In fact, we remained flat, now we are waiting for a downward movement to the 1.0900 area and we will look at the reaction there. If we fly straight, then the next targets are at the lows of 1.08333. Tomorrow we will probably roll back up and you can search higher intraday sales.


There is a similar situation on the GBPUSD pair, they removed the highs of 1.2788, entered FVG and gave a downward reaction. The situation is similar, I think you can look for sales with the expectation of falling below the lows of 1.2590.


There is also a Pin Bar pattern on the USDCHF pair. The price moves sideways inside the FVG. Looking forward to continued growth. I think we will break through the level of 0.8818 and go above 50% to the area of ​​0.8874. There is a good preponderance of buyers here, which is embarrassing, but it happens that the majority is right. I'm considering shopping here.


The AUDUSD pair still has the same Pin-bar pattern based on the level of 0.6617. There is also a large number of buyers in the statistics of transactions, but it is already in our favor and can contribute to a price drop. The first target for sales can be a minimum of 0.6458, and then the level below 0.63800.

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