Overview of the situation on the Forex market on 16.07.2018

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 16.07.2018


On the EURUSD pair formed a pattern Pin-bar bounces in the area 1,16000. Price continues to move sideways not determine the direction. The transaction here is not considered, waiting for release from the outset.


On the USDCHF failed to update the highs above 1,00500 and formed a pattern Doji. Most are already in sales, so it’s time to go down a bit in correction, and then resume growth next trend. Look here to purchase.


On GBPUSD the pattern of Pin-bar level 1,31000. Upgrade to the most recent lows failed. With the deals are still here in a hurry I won’t. The price is moving sideways and it is not clear whether we will break the trend. While leaning more towards further decline.

Open orders big banks

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