Morning coffee on Wall Street 1.09.2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 1.09.2023


A pattern formed on the EURUSD pair absorption. The immediate liquidity was removed from the highs yesterday, and went down to the abandoned FVG. I want to look for buys here tomorrow, it's good if we go down to 1.0821. I still do not let go of hope for a good upward correction. Tomorrow the American session has a good news background and we can have a good run.



GBPUSD formed pattern Inside bar. Here we do not want to leave the sidebar. Today's downward movement is quite logical, and here I will also watch purchases. The lows have been removed from below, there is no support from above, I don’t see the logic of sales here. For purchases, the first target is 1.2818.

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