Morning coffee on Wall Street 06/12/2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 06/12/2023


Finally EURUSD has gone up Friday a little rolled back and formed the Inside bar pattern. Rollback is quite logical to the maximum of the day before last, so as not to leave FVG. It is probably worth waiting for the continuation of growth and I would set the goal on the next order block 1.0843. Ideally, of course, I would go to FVG from the weekly chart around 1.0900, but this is far away and everything will depend on the reactions to rates next week.


The USDCHF pair has a similar situation and the Inside bar pattern. The price went down to the previously announced targets and rolled back a little. We will probably go down even lower and close the order block exactly, and then I don’t see any targets other than the Low level, but I’m not sure yet that we’ll go to update it. Although, judging by the mood in the statistics of transactions, there is someone to fall at whose expense.


Silver went into a correction up and entered FVG. On Friday, a Doji pattern was formed, but I would not rush to sell, I think we will definitely go up to 24.70, or maybe we will completely block FVG. Here it will be logical to roll back to 24.02, after which the continuation of growth.

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