Mid-term review of exchange rates on 22.06.2020

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 22.06.2020


EURUSD held support level 1,12000 and fixed below. Likely continue falling to the line of 1.1100. In sales there are to enter is not recommended, because they are against the trend. The statistics of transactions shows that recruited a large number of sellers, and the downward movement should not be delayed. Waiting for signals to buy, level 1.11000.


On a pair USDCAD Doji pattern on the level 1,35500. Price long moved along the level, and it seems that will continue to grow further. Buy there are also against the trend. I think that the growth will continue in the district 1,38500. The course prices are pretty decent. And you can try to consider the purchase, do not forget about money Management.

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