Mid-term review of exchange rates on 17.01.2020

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 17.01.2020


On USDCHF pair price formed a pattern Doji. Any support for a pattern I have not found. But maybe go to a small correction up. In General, expect a continuation of falling prices further with the trend, and continue to keep selling. The advantage of the buyers in the statistics of transactions should contribute to a good fall.


On AUDUSD price direct him to the level of 0,6900 and has already formed a series of Doji patterns. I continue to hold the view that it is worth to wait for growth to continue the trend. And continue to keep purchase. New purchase patterns of the last to open would not hurry, would have waited for a breakout 0,6924 and there on a pullback buy.


On the EURCHF pair reached the support level 1,07646 and also have formed a pattern Doji. Should probably wait for a correction upwards. The following are not considered because they are against the trend. Will look for signals to sales upon completion of the correction.

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