Medium-term analysis of exchange rates as of 10/30/2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market on 10/30/2023


A Doji and some significant support I don't see him. In general, the price remains within the sideways range, and you can try selling within the day, with targets of 1.0481. Speaking globally, for now I’m set for a reversal and good growth, somewhere around 1.0945. But as I wrote above, we can still make a run down. This week there is a lot of news, we will watch and see what we draw.


Unfortunately, gold did not give the desired downward correction. And on Friday, at the close of the week, there was a good run, but did not close above FVG 2008.37. In general, if we close above 2008.37, then we can look for purchases, with targets slightly above historical highs, optimally around 2100.00. There seemed to be no reason left not to go to them.

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