Medium-term analysis of exchange rates as of 1.08.2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 1.08.2023


We have something similar on the AUDUSD pair on the Rails pattern , but I don’t see any significant support under it. In the morning there will be a decision on the Australian interest rate, but I don't have an unequivocal opinion here. Below are good targets for liquidity collection in the form of two lows at 0.6598 and FVG just below. It is most logical to go to them, and then resume growth to the highs of 0.6854. There is a slight predominance of buyers in the statistics of transactions, which also contributes to the continued fall in prices.


NZDUSD patter n Absorption and under it though you can draw a trend line as a support. And quite a bit hooked FVG. In the statistics of transactions, there is also a small preponderance of buyers. And we will probably try to break through the trend line and fall to the 0.6052 area in order to collect liquidity from below.

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