Medium-term analysis of currency pairs on 21.01.2020

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 21.01.2020


On EURUSD price formed a pattern Doji located at the support level 1,1072. As can be seen well rendered figure, Head and Shoulders, but the base punch on the move did not happen. Maybe go back up to 1,11500. But I think I’ll pass while shopping, because there are signs of reversal. Sales will look after the breakout of the level.


On the pair USDCHF has formed a pattern Doji at the level of 0.9700. Will probably finish this correction and will resume the fall further with the trend. In the statistics of transactions shows a large preponderance of buyers, due to which you can go down. Consider there sales.


On the AUDUSD pair also formed the obvious figure Head and Shoulders, and stopped at the base of the figure and formed a pattern Doji. The situation is not clear. I think a good drop and trend down will not be configured until the purchase. But there not open I will not wait for situation development. Purchase will look after the breakout of the shoulder, the sale after the breakout of the founding figures of Head and shoulders.

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