Forex technical analysis on 06/30/2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 06/30/2023


It looks like Gold today stopped around 1891.65 and formed a pin bar pattern. As a support, we have both an order block and an old gap (ICT takes them into account, not so long ago EURUSD turned around just like that). Perhaps we will try to start an upward correction here, and we can try to take a closer look at intraday purchases. For buying purposes, there is FVG in the area of ​​1940.00, if we pass it, we can already look at the highs of 1973.00 and 1986.00.


Silver has a similar situation, we are moving around the order block and FVG from the weekly chart. The pin-bar pattern has not been completed a bit, but the essence of the movement is the same. Probably going into a correction up. The targets here are not very far, I think we can take the middle of the FVG around 23.50.

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