Forex market review on 26.07.2023

Hello. Below we will see what you should pay attention to when trading on the Forex market on 26.07.2023


FVG was completely closed on the EURUSD pair and almost reached the level of 1.1011. Draw a Doji pattern. I’m still bullish, waiting for the price to rise again, and I hope the Fed will support me tomorrow evening 🙂 I’m considering buying here, global targets are around 1.1500, but I’ll have to see how we pass FVG from above around 1.1160.


Absorption pattern formed on the GBPUSD pair. Here the situation is similar, and I would like to see continued growth in the area of ​​1.3300 and a little higher. There is also an FVG on top around 1.3000, which I don't really like, but I hope we'll pass it without noticing. I'm considering shopping here.


On the USDCHF pair, we reached FVG and the level of 0.8697, gave a reaction and formed an Absorption pattern. Unlike the others, there is a good preponderance of buyers in the transaction statistics, which should contribute to the continuation of the price fall. I would take sales targets around 0.8400 and quite lower around 0.8200.

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