Forex market review as of 10/23/2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market on 10/23/2023


On the EURUSD pair, last week turned out to be as boring as possible , the price is stuck in the side. In such a situation, we can only wait for the situation to develop. The ECB will make a decision on the interest rate on Thursday, where we will most likely show further sentiment. In the meantime, we have a maximum of 1.0639, after removing which, we can take a closer look at sales, with targets at FVG 1.0499, with the expectation that the price will continue to move sideways.


On Gold the situation is more interesting, the price flew up without brakes and made targets at the highs of 1987, 37 and went to FVG. And on top there are very attractive historical highs of 2074.87, which we can also reach. I really want to see a downward movement here, now it’s not even entirely clear whether it’s corrective or a continuation of the trend :) Several empty zones have been left below, and if we go down below 1962.53, then I’ll be looking closely at selling here, with the expectation of a fall at least to the FVG area 1896.50. I won't look any further for now.

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