Forex market analytics on 29.08.2023

Hello. London was a holiday today, and the whole day was calm. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 08/29/2023


Let's look at the EUR pair USD. On Friday, we have already passed through all the nearest lows and completely blocked FVG from the weekly timeframe. If you fall lower, then it will be to update the Low level and further to the lows around 1.0483. This is a good scenario, but before that I want to see a long correction up, I expected that in late August and early September we would see this. While I'm not making global decisions here, I'm looking at what we'll draw. For intraday trading, I think we can see sales if we rise to the 1.0844 area with targets for last week's low. In the statistics of transactions, there is an overweight of buyers, which should contribute to the fall.

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