Flow forecast on Forex on 12.03.2018

Hello. Let’s see what interesting to trade in the Forex market at the beginning of the trading week 12.03.2018


On GBPUSD price formed a pattern of Internal bar at the corner of the triangle and below 1,3900. Trade statistics of some apparent superiority of no-shows. Sales a little more than shopping.I think we will go with the triangle to the upside, after a correction and continuing global trend. Transactions on pattern not yet considered, are waiting for the situation.


On AUDCAD great pattern Doji at 1.0000. Zakonchena probably a small correction and wait for STOT to continue growth in the uptrend. Consider purchase here.

Open orders big banks

Changes in 9.03.2018

  • Morgan Stanley canceled the Buy Limit on EUR/GBP
  • Morgan Stanley has changed the Buy limit on EUR/AUD. Entrance from 1,5600 on of 1.5750,
    SL 1.5200 level on 1,5600
  • Morgan Stanley changed SL from 119.30 to 113,70 for sale on CHF/JPY
  • Thomson Reuters IFR triggered a Sell Limit on USD/JPY with 106,65
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed a Sell on USD/JPY. Set TR on 105,05, changed SL from 107,65 on 107,70
  • Morgan Stanley triggered a Buy Limit on EUR/AUD with of 1.5750.
  • Thomson Reuters IFR otstupite in the buy EUR/GBP with 0,8910 for 0,8875. Loss-35ппИзменения for 8.03.2018
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed SL with 0,7710 on 0,7770 buying on AUD/USD
  • Barclays has placed a Sell Limit on AUD/CAD and 1.0069 next, the TR – 0,9914,
    SL 1.0150
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