Daily review Forex 28.03.2018

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 28.03.2018


On AUDUSD formed a pattern of Absorption at the level of 0,77000. As we can see, the majority of market participants already in the shopping and for whose account to go down with the trend. Consider there sales.


On a pair NZDUSD has rebounded from the trend line and formed pattern Inner bar. The ratio of sellers to buyers is approximately the same, and I think that will continue to move sideways down to 0,72000. Transactions do not see here, waiting for developments.


On Gold excellent pattern of Absorption from the strong resistance level 1357,70. Will probably continue down and go back to 1310,60. Consider there sales.

Open orders big banks

Briefly about changes in open orders banks:

Changes today not much. A couple of deals worked Buy Limit, and a couple of deals edited.
The most interesting pairs to banks are EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF. These and not only pairs, it is seen that the directions of all defined the same. When trading in the medium term, it is possible to take these trends into account.

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