Daily Forex analysis on 07/18/2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 07/18/2023


/p> at 50% and made a small bounce up. So far, this whole downward movement is more like a correction, after which we will try to continue growing. But I think we will fall even lower to the area of ​​132.80. If in the coming days we rise to the area of ​​140.13 or a little higher, then I will look for new deals to sell there. The preponderance of buyers in the transaction statistics should contribute to the continuation of the fall.


A Doji pattern formed on Gold today. As I said that week, this is perhaps the only pair that did not make the desired goals from above. In the last two days, we made a correction down to the middle of the FVG. Perhaps we will make a second attempt to go down to the lower border of FVG, but I will already be looking for intraday buy signals tomorrow, with targets at 1973.05 and above 1985.24.

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