Daily Forex analysis on 06/15/2023

Hello. In the evening at the «rate of the Fed» They gave me hope that we would draw Pin bars and write a lot, but it didn’t work out. 🙂 Tomorrow there will be a second attempt, during the day there will be a big news background, including a decision on the ECB interest rate. Below we will see what you can pay attention to when trading on 06/15/2023


The correction targets for the order block were made on the EURUSD pair e 1.0842. There are no patterns here yet, and it is not worth rushing to sell, and it is too early to talk about the end of the correction. But the evening momentum down on the news seems to be bearish. Perhaps we will still make a pass up, but I will try to consider intraday sales if we return to the order block zone and cannot pass it. The alternative scenario is a continuation of the current up move with FVG targets higher around 1.0900.


Pro a couple of USDCHF wrote yesterday that I am considering here mainly sales, tk. there are many buyers in the transaction statistics. And the alternative scenario was like a downward passage, after which growth is already possible, which is exactly what happened. Today, buyers, I think it should have diminished. The price once again went to the order block zone and updated the previous low, which most likely had a lot of stops, while giving an upward reaction leaving a good tail. I think we can start considering purchases within the day here, with the expectation of going over 0.9147.

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