Daily Forex analysis for 11/6/2023

Hello. The week ended well, as expected, we showed good growth. I don’t like everything how it was drawn and how it closed, but for now we will believe that we have come out of the sideways and will show a slight upward trend. Below we will see what is interesting for trading on the Forex market 11/6/2023


The EURUSD pair just missed the target at 1.0765. To understand, the level of 1.0765 is the upper limit of FVG on the monthly timeframe, and it is very interesting whether we will be able to pass it and close higher. At the beginning of the week, I would like to see a slight pullback downward, to the area of ​​1.0694 or 1.0667. There you can look for new Buy Price Action signals, with targets at 1.0765 and then a little higher at FVG 1.0808.


The GBPUSD pair had a similar situation and closed right below the level of 1.2377. After a strong impulse, it would be logical to make a pullback, and if we show it, I will look for new purchases in the area of ​​1.2288. I will set my next purchase targets around the level of 1.2547 and the 50% level.


On Silver, they failed to close below the level of 22.66 and formed an Absorption pattern. As I wrote earlier, I want to see continued growth here and an update of the highs around 23.76, where FVG is also located. I'm considering shopping here.

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