Daily Forex analysis for 10/9/2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market on 10/9/2023


The EURUSD pair made a downward run on Friday close FV G 1.0499 and continued to grow. You should probably wait for the growth to continue into a longer correction and consider buying here. The first targets for purchases are very close at the level of 1.0616. If we pass it, we can wait for the maximum of 1.0768.


On steam GBPUSD is a similar situation, but on Friday they failed to gain a foothold above the level of 1.2271. On pullbacks within the day, I think you can take a closer look at purchases, with the expectation that the price will continue to rise. Targets for purchases are the level of 1.2271, then FVG is slightly higher and the level of 1.2377.


An Absorption pattern was formed on the USDJPY pair. In general, nothing new, as I wrote a couple of days ago, I’m considering shopping here for now. With the expectation of updating the historical maximum of 151.94, but do not forget about the level of 150.28, we can also give a reaction there. There are still a large number of sellers in the transaction statistics, which should contribute to growth.

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