Daily Forex analysis for 09/11/2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market as of 09/11/2023


The EURUSD pair stopped falling a little, but overall looks like we will strive for a minimum of 1.0634. On Friday they tried to roll back up, but they didn’t reach FVG. It will be great if we roll back to it and to the area of ​​the 1.0765 level at the beginning of the week, there you can look for sell signals with targets at 1.0634 or below 1.0515. In the transaction statistics, there is a predominance of buyers, which should contribute to the fall.


The GBPUSD pair has a similar situation and on Friday they drew something similar to a Doji based on FVG. There are practically no obstacles left for a fall to the minimum of 1.2307. In general, I will look for sales here, especially if we make a pullback to the area of ​​1.2565 or slightly higher.


On the USDJPY pair, it looks like we will continue to update the highs and continue to grow. On Friday they gave a good upward impulse after a pullback in FVG. In general, I think it’s worth looking for purchases here, the first targets are at the upper limit of the weekly order block at 148.64. If we pass it with a good impulse, we will wait for the historical maximum of 151.94 to be renewed.


Gold also has a Doji pattern after a slight pullback on Friday, just entering FVG. In general, nothing has changed, I’m waiting for the price to continue to fall and I’m considering sales. The first target from below would be the lower border of FVG and the minimum of 1903.65. Then the road to the 1884.71 lane will open. In the transaction statistics, there is still a predominance of buyers, which should contribute to a fall in prices.

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