Current trading ideas as of 06/19/2023

Hello. Tomorrow is a day off in the US, so you should not expect serious movements. Below we look at last week's results for major pairs and what to look for when trading on 06/19/2023


On the EURUSD pair, we made all the targets from above and formed a Doji pattern. After the last upward impulse, in the coming days I think we will make a downward correction, which can be traded intraday. Targets for correction in the area of ​​1.0862 and below 1.0785. At these levels, I will watch purchases with the expectation of updating the highs and passing a little higher to the level of 1.1181.


On the USDCHF pair, an Inside bar pattern was formed, the only support for which I found was an order block. In any case, there will obviously be an upward correction, but the targets are not as far away as those of the euro, so it is up to everyone to trade it or not. In the area of ​​0.8985 I will watch sales, with the expectation of movement to the Low level and lower to 0.8754.



Paired There are no GBPUSD Price Action patterns, but in my opinion it is the most interesting at the moment. She is running straight up somewhere fast, does not wait for anyone and draws new highs. And with the dollar index, there is already a decent divergence of SMT, of course, the index and the rest can still catch up, but this point should be kept in mind. At the moment, the price has come to the middle of FVG from the monthly tamframe. I'm waiting for the correction down here as well. The first target for correction is 1.2703, if we pass it, I will watch purchases in the area of ​​1.2593.

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