Analytical review of trending instruments as of September 29, 2023

Hello. Below are several recommendations for trading on the Forex market on 09.29.2023


The EURUSD pair formed a Rails pattern. The targets in the form of lows of 1.0515 have been removed, and it looks like we are starting a correction, how deep it is not yet clear. The first target for correction is still the level of 1.0614. If we pass it, then there will be nothing else to grab onto until the level of 1.0768; we won’t plan to go higher for now. I’m not setting any goals at the bottom yet, it’s definitely not worth starting to sell here, if there is an impulse and we stay below the level of 1.0515, then we’ll think about continuing sales.


On the GBPUSD pair we also made a target in the form of FVG and formed an Absorption pattern. I’m also waiting for an upward correction here. The nearest target for FVG correction is around 1.2295, then the level of 1.23740. If we get there, we’ll look at their reaction and think further.


An Inside Bar pattern was formed on the USDCHF pair. Here we took targets at a maximum of 0.9147, and almost reached 0.9136. Perhaps we’ll also make a small cut up, but in general this is not necessary. Below there are two FVGs 0.9111 and 0.9072, they can be taken for the first correction purposes. If we go deeper, the level is 0.8876.


And the Doji pattern on Silver. They have paused here for now, but I would like to see a hit on the previous lows of 22.21 and 22.09. With a stop in the middle of FVG 21.71 or at the lower border. I am not considering new deals here yet. It seems early to buy and low to sell. Therefore, we are waiting for the situation to develop.

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