Analytical review of the Forex market on 3.07.2023

Hello. In the USA, there are 2 days of holidays, so it seems that you should not expect any good movements at the beginning of the week. But let's look at what you can pay attention to when trading on the Forex market 3.07.2023


Rails pattern and price and could not close below FVG. We may still fall to the level of 1.0785, but in general I am in favor of moving up and updating the highs of 1.0952. In the statistics of transactions, there seems to be a downward mood, which should contribute to the price growth.


On the USDCHF pair, we continue to move sideways and formed an Absorption pattern from the upper border of 0.8986 . Here, too, in general, I would like to see the continuation of the fall and the renewal of the historical minimum in the region of 0.8755. If we confidently go down from the flat, I will start looking for sales within the day. In the statistics of transactions, there is a good preponderance of buyers, which should contribute to the fall.


On the GBPUSD pair, the Absorption pattern based on an order block. It’s bad that they didn’t go a little lower to the level of 50%, there would be more confidence in buying. But in general, I'm looking up here too. I will look for purchases at the breakdown of the order block from above in the area of ​​1.27300 (highlighted in white). Buy targets 1.2855 highs and above FVG 1.3000 top.

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