Analytical review as of 11/23/2023

Hello. There are two days of holiday weekend ahead in the US, so I don’t think we should expect big movements, it’s good if there is movement at all. 🙂  And below we’ll look at what you should pay attention to when trading on the Forex market 11/23/2023


this week has not yet been a couple GBPUSD. On Wednesday, we slightly went beyond the high of 1.2547 and gave a slight pullback downwards. Of course, the Pin bar pattern was not completed today, but it looks like we will close above FVG. The weekends in the USA are confusing, but I think I’ll try to take a closer look at intraday purchases here. With the expectation of continued growth and consolidation above the level of 1.2547 and the 50% level.


The Inside Bar pattern was drawn on Gold. The situation is twofold, I’m still not in the mood for shopping here, and if they fly up, they’ll do it without me. But at the same time, the proximity to the highs of 2009.33 is confusing, and I would like to go beyond them at least a little. Therefore, I will keep an eye on the situation for now. I will look for sales in two cases: if we break the level of 2009.33 and show that we are not going to consolidate there, or if we go below the level of 1985.15 and consolidate there. The targets from below are still the same, FVG 19.4920, minimum 19.3152 and then the 50% level.

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