Analyst's view on 08/07/2023

Hello. Below are some recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 7.08.2023


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On the EURUSD pair, they did not go down to 1.0900, which was surprising. But it looks like it is worth waiting for the continuation of growth and the development of an upward trend. On the weekly timeframe, we drew a Pin-bar pattern and it looks like we will finish the downward correction. The highs of 1.1045 were not removed on Friday and should be kept in mind as first buying targets for now. The next medium-term trading targets, in ascending order, are 1.1107, FVG 1.1150, and new highs around 1.13600.


A pin-bar pattern has been formed on Silver based on the level of 23.29. We are waiting for the resumption of growth and the continuation of the upward trend. The first targets for purchases are very close, this is the level of 24.03 and FVG in the same place. Let's see how we react to them and it will be possible to watch purchases with targets of 25.22 and above 26.12.

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